This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Roadmap of the next update (2010-09-13): click here. Drupal 7 support is pending on D7 support of Plus 1 or Vote Up/Down.

This module is to make recommendations for points-based voting modules including Vote Up/Down and Plus 1. You have to enable either of them in order to use this module.

This module looks very much like the Fivestar Recommender, except that this module targets on Vote Up/Down and Plus 1. In fact, most codes are copied directly from the Fivestar Recommender module. Once enabled, this module provides 4 blocks:

  1. Users who voted similarly as you
  2. Recommended nodes from users who voted similarly as you
  3. Other nodes voted similar to this one
  4. You might also interest in these nodes based on your previous votes

For more details about the algorithms, please refer to Fivestar Recommender.

Note: The developer has consciously made the decision to keep Fivestar Recommender and Points Voting Recommender as two separate modules, rather than one big module for generic VotingAPI-based modules. The major reason is to simplify configuration process because configurations are hard coded in the code itself.

Sponsored by Google Summer of Code '09

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