This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This module provides integration with the Project Vote Smart API. With this API, you can access a wealth of information related to local, state and federal officials and candidates. This information includes:

  • Biographical information
  • Voting records
  • Issue positions
  • Interest group ratings
  • Public statements
  • Campaign finance information.

While most of this information is freely available, Project Vote Smart has invested in aggregation and maintenace for this easily-consumable format. If you think that's cool, you should help them out.

Before you can use this, you need to make sure your uses are not in violation of Project Vote Smart's Terms and Conditions.

This package contains these modules:

  • Vote Smart API: Has no other dependencies and can be used by other modules to query or store political data.
  • Vote Smart Field: Use Vote Smart data as a CCK field. Link Vote Smart records such as Bills, Elections, Candidates and Officials to your content types, and then import and refresh as needed. ( requires CCK )
  • Vote Smart Factory: Jumpstart your vote smart site by automatically creating content types and fields for Vote Smart data ( also requires CCK )

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