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Volunteer Rally

Volunteer Rally is a volunteer management application that allows you to publish a calendar of available volunteer shifts on the web. Your volunteers may browse through calendar dates, choose shifts that they're interested in, and sign-up for them. Once they've signed up they'll receive an email reminder one day before the shift.

Site administrators are able to create shifts and specify a capacity for each shift. If you have an established, predictable schedule for your volunteer shifts, you'll be able to create re-occurring shifts that will save the the hassle of creating them one at a time.

Once a shift is complete you'll be able to take a rollcall and then adjust the actual number of volunteer attendees. Over time, Volunteer Rally will help give you a good idea of how your volunteer operations are performing and prepares you to share this information with your supporters.


Some components are still missing from's package manager to properly build Volunteer Rally here. For further details: Install Profile Packaging.

In the meantime, you can download Volunteer Rally or follow along on git.

Built by OpenSourcery.

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