The VoIP Plivo module makes it possible for the VoIP Drupal platform to make and receive voice calls via the Plivo Cloud ( as well as the Plivo Framework ( APIs.

Plivo Cloud is a cloud-based platform to build voice & SMS applications. It helps you build powerful telephony apps without having to worry about the telecom infrastructure. To use it, follow the instructions described in voipplivocloud/README.txt.

Plivo Framework is an open source communications framework that enables the rapid development of voice-based apps using your existing web infrastructure. To use it, you must have the Plivo Framework installed on your server. For additional information, check voipplivoframework/README.txt.

Currently, VoIP Plivo is distributed as part of the VoIP Drupal module (

This module has been originally developed by Leo Burd and Tamer Zoubi under the sponsorship of the MIT Center for Civic Media ( and Plivo (

Supporting organizations: 
Conceived, designed and implemented the module

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