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This module is no longer under active development. I'm not even sure if it's useful anymore, and would personally recommend Views for any node listing needs. However, if someone would like to adopt this module, please contact me.

This module provides node listings by vocabulary, much like taxonomy.module provides node listing by terms. It also implements vocabulary feeds, and works under the same principles as taxonomy term URLs.

Example URLs:

Operators: Multiple vocabularies can be combined with the operators "+" (any) or "," (all). In other words, "+" is less specific than ",".

Depth: You may optionally specify a "depth" in the taxonomy tree hierarchy. This defaults to "1", which means only nodes tagged with top-level terms within the vocabulary are listed. A positive number indicates the number of additional levels of the taxonomy tree to search. You may also use the value "all", which means that all terms within a vocabulary are searched.

Example URLs:
  taxonomy/vocabulary/1+2/all   (list all nodes in either vocab 1 or 2)
  taxonomy/vocabulary/1,2/all   (list all nodes contained in both vocab 1 and 2)
  taxonomy/vocabulary/4/2       (list nodes two term levels deep in vocab 4)
  taxonomy/vocabulary/3/all/feed   (provide feed for all nodes in vocab 4)

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