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A Taxonomy-related module.

The basic "out of the box" functionality is to provide a listing of vocabulary's taxonomy terms at taxonomy/vid. However, don't use this page like that unless you really just need that. This page was made to be overriden by panels/views.

What it does

  • Provides a "taxonomy/vocabulary id" with a listing of terms for that vocabulary.
  • Panels integration; it's "taxonomy/vocabulary id" described to ctools as a page, so it can be overridden by panels with the context to vocabulary (like taxonomy/term/tid is described to panels with the context of term).
  • Pathauto intergration; automatically alias the paths. (ie can have "vocabulary/[vocabname]" and have the aliases created for the paths)
  • Tabs to edit vocabulary and admin list terms right there at the page (ie taxonomy/vocabulary id/edit is vocabulary edit page).
  • Taxonomy Menu integration; specify page as vocabulary page to head the vocabulary's menu.
  • Submodule to provide permisions per vocab for the vocabulary listing (default is anyone with access content permission)

Project Information

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  • Last modified: 2 December 2014
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