This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Assign permissions to vocabularies by user role.

The core taxonomy system allows vocabularies to be assigned to node types. This module extends that by allowing the editing and/or display of the vocabulary to be controlled by user role. It attaches itself to the vocabulary add/edit form and gives the administrator three options for each role - (1) edit and view, (2) view only, and (3) none.

This module makes it possible to create a vocabulary for administrator purposes, hide this category from most users, and then use the category as a views filter.

Here are two use cases:

  • a vocabulary that had the terms "special offers", "front page", "user advertisement", etc; this vocabulary could be used in various views to pull the tagged content into a particular block or page.
  • a vocabulary that had the terms "editor post", "editor tagged", and "community post" and a role type of "editor" that was less than an admin, but had privilige to write editorial content (as opposed to unedited community content), but also had permission to tag community content as something that was propogated to higher visibility.

In both these cases, taxonomy can be used to tag the content, and views can be used to display it, but only if the permissions are such that this "administrative" vocabulary isn't visible to the typical user. This module makes that all possible!

This is NOT a node access module. This module does not allow the site admin to allow/prevent users from editing vocabularies and/or terms in a vocabulary.

The development of the 5.x version partially supported by CivicActions. Ported to D6 and currently maintained by jcisio.


When enable this module, or add a new role, please visit the administration page of each vocabulary and set the appropriate permissions.

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