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The Visual Search project is a suite of modules that allow your end users to search for content visually. This is particularly useful in e-commerce applications by giving your customers the ability to search for products by colour, as well as gallery applications.

Visual Search API

This module is the core of visual search, and it provides functions for parsing a given image and extracting colours from the image. This data is then stored in the database for searching.

Visual Search UI

This module provides the user interface for end users to choose colours as search criteria, and also displays the results from that search.

Visual Search Colorpicker

This module works in conjunction with the Visual Search UI by providing a method for defining multiple colour pickers. This gives developers the freedom to integrate whatever colour picker they desire.

Visual Search Node

This module uses the Visual Search API and handles creation, import, and update actions to nodes with images so that the images can be processed.


This project is getting closer to having a stable release. Please contact me if you'd like to help out.

  • 18-oct-2009 - Support has been added for filefield/imagefield on node submit, update, and delete
  • 12-apr-2010 - After a long hiatus from this module, my schedule has finally opened up, allowing me more free time to work on this project. Lots of updates coming soon!
  • 16-apr-2010 - Just updated a bunch of new code for the alpha2 release. Check out the release notes for a list of changes.
  • 12-may-2010 - Support has been added for the jQuery ColorPicker plugin, which prompted some minor changes in hook_colorpicker(); CSS and JS components are declared as part of the colorpicker definition, and are automagically added for you.


1.0 Release:

  • Improve the algorithm for finding similar colors
  • Add more admin configuration functionality
  • More module support, including Imagefield, image attach, media mover, etc.
  • Documentation

2.0 Release:

  • Views support for filtering by color
  • Support for web services
  • Simpletests
  • Documentation


Developed and maintained by Erich Beyrent

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