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Visitors Voice is an add on for providing great site search with the Search API module.

Visitors Voice tracks your visitors and makes it easy to apply highly configurable, self-learning algorithms to your Drupal site search in order to optimize your conversion rates for the on-site searches.

But you can also manually add or order the search results with a simple drag and drop interface. Visitors Voice will show you common error spellings, synonyms or related search terms so you can fix them as well.

All together Visitors Voice gives you full control of your search results and can easily make sure your visitors will never abandon your site because they couldn't find your products no matter what language they used.

Try the live demo now! Or sign up for our 30 days free trial.


To be able to change search results on your site, Visitors Voice needs to get access to your site. This permission is granted by entering your private Visitors Voice access key (received after creating an account) in this module's settings page. This module will authenticate all requests to its interface with this key using modern and proven authentication mechanisms, so as long as you keep the key safe no malicious access to your site will be possible via this interface.

Furthermore, access via this interface is restricted to changing the search results on your site (and only with content on your site), so no arbitrary changes of the site are possible and no information other than normal search results can be disclosed via this interface.

However, communication between Visitors Voice and your site will only be authenticated, not encrypted. Therefore, unless your site uses HTTPS/SSL, an attacker with a favored position in the network would still be able to read the contents of this communication – i.e., the changes you make to search results on your site and the searches you issue via the Visitors Voice dashboard (along with their results).

Supported search engines

Currently only Search API Solr Search is supported as the backend. If you are interested in using Visitors Voice SaaS with other search engines, please contact us.
Please also contact us if you are a developer and want to include support for Visitors Voice in your module.


For general support, please use the project's issue queue.

In cases where you'd have to disclose private information, you can also contact our Support team directly.

Supporting organizations: 
Funded the development and ongoing maintenance of this module.

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