Vimeo Link Formatter module is a simple module that exposes a formatter for Link module fields to render values as an embedded video player (or thumbnail) if it is a valid url for a video page. Integrates with Imagecache External in order to use core image styles with the thumbnail formatter. If the URL of the link field is not a valid video page, then the value is ignored and not rendered. Suggestions and patches are welcome for better ways to handle this.

This module was originally created as a quick fix for a Drupal 7 version of Media: Vimeo (media_vimeo), which depends on the Media, Media Internet Sources (part of the Media project), and Embedded Media Field modules. However, as it seems overkill to require sites to install 4 modules for this singular function, the module will continue to be actively maintained.

Which Module?

If you're already using the Media or Embedded Media Field modules and require vimeo video embedding, then you probably should go ahead and use the Media: Vimeo module.

If you need vimeo embedding and aren't already using the media module, then this module provides a simple and lightweight option.


  1. Configure a content type with a link field.
  2. Download, install and enable the module, as usual.
  3. Go to the Display settings for that content type.
  4. Configure the link field to use the Vimeo Player formatter.
  5. Create a content item with a URL for a Vimeo video page in that link field, and note that the video player renders.
  6. Create a content item with a URL for something else in that link field, and note that it is ignored.

Commercial support

The author of this module is available for hire. Contact Bevan.


This module was originally developed by and The Field Museum.

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