This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This module makes it possible to define custom Views query substitutions. These custom substitutions (or other substitutions defined via hook_views_query_substitutions()) can then be used by any Views handlers that make use of query substitutions.

This functionality is useful if you have a View where some filters needs to be dynamic and you still want the possibility to export your View. By using this technique you can use your exported View on separate sites where things like vocabulary ids and role ids differ.

Currently, this module provides Views handlers that uses query substitutions for:

  • Vocabulary id filters
  • Role id filters
  • Node type filters
  • Coming soon: Formatter settings for fields (i.e. imagecache presets etc.)


There won't necessarily be an upgrade path provided between versions until this module reaches a beta state.


This module was developed by dixon_ from NodeOne.

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