Example of TimelineJS.
Example of TimelineJS.
An example of Views used to create the TimelineJS.

This module provides a Views style plugin for Timeline JS library. Site administrators may build beautiful timelines of content (or other entities) and choose which fields are used in Timeline display (title, body, image, etc...).

Supported text fields:

  • Text field
  • Long text field
  • Text with Summary field (the default body field)
  • Title field

Supported date fields:

  • Anything stored with a UNIX timestamp (node created, updated, etc)
  • Date field
  • Date (ISO) field
  • Date (Timestamp) field

Supported media fields:

  • Image field
  • Link field
  • File field

Supported tag fields:

  • Taxonomy Term Reference
  • Text field
  • Long text field

Support for additional field types needs work.

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