This module provides new styles for Views module to display news tickers. A comparison of similar modules is available here:

6.x-2.x version is a backport from D7. Tested on firefox, needs testing on other browsers. If you are upgrading from 6.x-1.x versions & run into issues, try recreating view.

Available ticker styles:

  • Fade:
    Smooth transition between news titles, light and JQuery-powered.
  • BBC Style:
    Display news titles typewriter-like (Only links)
    Uses a JQuery plugin by Bryan Gullan
  • Scroller
    Display horizontally or vertically scrolling news titles.
    Uses JScroller by Markus Bordihn
  • vTicker
    jQuery based Vertical scrolling lines with options: pause time, speed, direction, items displayed
  • liScroller
    jQuery based Horizontal scrolling lines with options: Direction, speed

Note: Scroller (JScroller) is available in 7.x-1.x only. liScroller is available in 6.x-2.x & 7.x-2.x. JScroller is replaced with vTicker & liScroller. Support for JScroller will be dropped going forward.

Put in the views tickers only short fields! Use inline fields if things don't work the way they should [views fields settings -> inline fields].

For BBC style, use link fields only.

Node title field should be in view (can be excluded from display), or else it throws an error. Fixed in 6.x-2.0 & 7.x-2.0.

Please test!

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