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With Views Slideshow J360 we'll be able to extend Views Slideshow with 360 degree images into our Drupal pages.

There are various options in the original jQuery plugin but not all of them has been implemented.
Atm you can add:

  • Multiple images at once
  • One inline sprite
  • One grid sprite
  • Panoramic images

Pantheon replaced a dot with a dash, so the Demo version is available at


  1. Extract the contents of this project into sites/all/modules/
  2. Also download and install
    • views
    • views_slideshow
    • libraries
    • context (optional)
    • multiupload_imagefield_widget (optional)
  3. Download the Spritespin library from
    my personal website

    Untar it and copy the extracted folder (spritespin-j360) under the libraries folder. This must be the final structure:
    • sites/all/libraries/spritespin-j360/spritespin-j360.js
    • sites/all/libraries/spritespin-j360/LICENSE
  4. Enable this modules

In the README you will find additional information on how to configure this module.


- Initial code by the Views Slideshow: Galleria owners.
- Thanks to Alexander Gräfenstein for his "Spritespin" jQuery plugin

Written and maintained by Mauro Mascia.

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