Extension module for Views RSS 2.x, providing additional set of Media (MRSS) elements and field formatters.


Supports image, file, video and video_embed_field fields.

Provides following set of feed item elements:

  • <media:content>
  • <media:group> - grouping <media:content> elements from fields containing multiple items
  • <media:title> - available for image fields, based on their title attribute
  • <media:description> - available for file fields, based on their description attribute
  • <media:keywords>
  • <media:thumbnail>
  • <media:category>

Please read module documentation if you experience any problems with settings up your feed.

Recommended modules

  • getid3 (for Drupal 7) - provides additional arguments to <media:content> element for media files (bitrate, samplingrate, channels and duration for audio files, and bitrate, framerate, duration, width and height for video files)

Project Information