This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Provides a Views style plugin that displays a gantt chart using jsGantt.


Views 6.x-2.9 or newer

Similar projects

Since support for the underlying JavaScript library has stopped, this module is minimally maintained. For a similar project that is actively maintained consider Views Gantt.


If using Open Atrium / Casetracker / Features:
I recommend simply downloading my Casetracker Gantt View feature, or consider switching to Case Tracker Plus, which has Gantt charts built-in (using this module).

Manual installation:
Install and enable like any other Drupal module. Create a View that exposes Date fields. Set the View style to "jsGantt", and configure the style to select the Date fields that correspond to start and end dates for tasks. Also, if tasks have a "parent" (OA Cases have parent Projects, for instance), you can add that relation as well. For example, for OA Cases and Projects, you would need to add a field of type "Node: Title" and add the relationship "Case Tracker: Project" to this field (this will expose the title of the parent project to jsGantt). Then, configure the jsGantt style so that "Case Tracker: Project" is the "Parent ID Field", and the last "Node: Title" is the "Parent Title Field". You will need to sort the view by the start date field. Also, if you want to use a multi-value field (for instance, display assignees to a task from a multi-value userreference field), you need to make sure to check the option to group multiple values!

This was built to be used with Open Atrium's Casetracker Feature, is now maintained to work with Open Atrium Case Tracker Plus, and should work with other modules.

Note on the Drupal 7 branch

This is a direct port from the Drupal 6 branch and it should not be used on production sites. No new feature has been added to this initial port.

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