This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

In views there is no method to 'ignore permissions' when creating a view. This means that if a user doesnt have access to view a node, then they do not have access to see that node in a views list either. To circumvent this, you can use this module to ignore node permissions. This allows you to create a list of nodes and display it to anyone regardless of whether or not they can view the node. The most common use case for doing this is on a site that has "Premium Content". That is, content you dont want them to see, but that you do want them to know that you have. Thus enticing them to pay for the content. Be warned, this module does NOT take into consideration roles at all. If you enable it, then even anonymous users will be able to see nodes in your views that have this filter enabled. Also be sure to only show teasers of your node data, otherwise you could show to much data and the user wont even need to subscribe to see the rest of it. So dont go showing the whole body in a field display because it wouldnt be hidden :). Only show those fields relevant enough to show that u have the content such as title, author, date, teaser, maybe some images, etc.


Once you enable this module, you can edit ANY view and add a new filter called "Node Access: Ignore Node Permissions" in the filter section under the "Node Access" group. Its very simple to use. Either its on or its not. There are no options for it at this time. To turn it off, remove the filter completely. To turn it on, add the filter and save the view.

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