A Sample - Views Horizontal Slider in Action
Here is an image showing what Administrating Views Horizontal Slider will look l

The Horizontal Slider Module provides a views style to output content in sliding divs. Take a look at the DEMO to see it in action.

Please submit your bug requests so your fixes can be included in upcoming releases.


If you made a theme for the module and want to contribute it, feel free to put it in the issue queue. If i get some themes i will implement theme/switching like other modules do.


Enable it like any other Module, create a view and change the output style to "views horizontal slider". Take a look at the README.txt for detailled instructions and additional tips.



As there are incoming more feature request it would be an idea to integrate http://nicolahibbert.com/demo/liteAccordion/
This can only be done if there is funding/sponsoring for that.


This module has been sponsored by Artwaves

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If you need more features, do not hesitate to submit a patch or post to the issue queue. Please use the issue queue for support requests.
I am also avaliable for paid development.


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