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Group By Settings in Views

This module enriches Views2 functionality with SQL Grouping and Aggregation capabilities.

Ever wanted to design a view that displays top terms for a specific node type and number of nodes for each top term? You could not build such query before, but now you can.

A new field group: SQL Aggregation is added, in Views, once you install the module. The field group has one available field: SQL Aggregation: Group By Fields. The field allows to configure many aspects of "group by" SQL clause and "count()" fields.

Currently only SQL COUNT() function is available due to a limitation in Views2 API. We are working on a Views2 patch to overcome the limitation. Patch will be submitted to Views2 project and, hopefully, applied shortly thereafter.

You can read a Quick-start Tutorial to get up and running with the module in no time.


Please make sure that when you add/order fields, Views GroupBy field is the last field in the list!

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The RC1 version is considered stable for common use-cases, but may have some bugs in edge conditions. Use at your own risk and if you notice unexpected queries, feel free to report to the issue queue, but please attach as much detail as possible, e.g.: the detailed settings of your view setup, query that was generated, screenshot of views_groupby settings, all errors if any were thrown.

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