Images Gallery example using Views Fluid Grid


This module provides the Fluid Grid style plugin for Views. This plugin displays the view as a fluid grid using an HTML list element.

The plugin settings form provides options to define the width and height of the elements in the grid. But it also provides advanced layout options implemented in separate CSS classes that allow you to define item margins, alignment and a couple of CSS3 properties (box-shadow and border-radius).


If you're looking for a versatile and fully customizable method to build image albums based on taxonomy, then you may want to check out the Views catalogue module.

Views integration

A fluid grid style plugin could be included in Views in the future. For further information, please see the following issue in the Views queue: #377574: Fluid grid style plugin


  • Templates

    Please, see the "Theme: Information" option in Views UI. Information about the template used by this style plugin is available under the "Style output" entry.

    The template shipped with the module is views-fluid-grid-plugin-style.tpl.php located under the theme subdirectory of the package.

  • Stylesheets

    The following stylesheets are provided:

    • views_fluid_grid.base.css: It contains the base CSS classes to style the fluid grid.
    • views_fluid_grid.size.css: It contains additional CSS classes that are used to define the width and height of the items in the grid. These sizes are defined for each option in the settings form of the style plugin. If you need to add more sizes to the list, please see Advanced section below.
    • views_fluid_grid.advanced.css: It contains additional CSS classes to implement the advanced layout options available from the settings form of the style plugin. This file is loaded only if any of these advanced options are really used.
  • Advanced

    You may want to use a different set of values for a few style plugin options. To do so, you need to add the proper entries to your settings.php file.

    // Custom options for Views Fluid Grid style plugin.
    $conf['views_fluid_grid_plugin_style_widths']  = array(
      100, 150, 180, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400, 450, 500,
    $conf['views_fluid_grid_plugin_style_heights'] = array(
      100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400, 450, 500,
    $conf['views_fluid_grid_plugin_style_margins'] = array(
      '0', '2px', '4px', '6px', '8px', '10px',
      '0.2em', '0.5em', '0.8em', '1em', '1.2em', '1.5em', '1.8em', '2em',

    You can add more items to any of these variables to suit your needs. Then, you also need to provide the proper CSS classes. See the stylesheets shipped with this module to find out how these values match CSS classes. See examples for classes used for width and height in css/views_fluid_grid.size.css.

    Note that dots in $conf['views_fluid_grid_plugin_style_margins'] will be converted to dashes. See examples in css/views_fluid_grid.advanced.css.


    /* This class is used for width 120. */
    ul.views-fluid-grid-items-width-120 li.views-fluid-grid-item {
      width: 120px;
    /* This class is used for horizontal margin 0.6em. */
    ul.views-fluid-grid-items-h-margin-0-6em li.views-fluid-grid-item {
      margin-left: 0.6em;
      margin-right: 0.6em;
  • Do you need more styling options?

    Sure, it would really be nice to have a lot more options to dynamically customize the look of the output, however the possible combinations are practically endless, so we have no other choice to say "hey, this is enough". When you reach the limit of the available options, then please use other techniques available in Drupal for theming. Note that the more options we add to the plugin, the more clutter we need to add to the stylesheets provided (take a look at them to see what I mean). Please, consider Overriding style sheets from modules and base themes as your next step when you reach the limit of the options provided by this plugin.

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