This is an utility module. Its sole purpose is to fill in one blank that seems not easy to be done using normal views, which is to use one exposed string filter to search on multiple fields.

Bear in mind, that, for now, only populates STRING exposed filters, so those filters that take an array (options) or special types won't work, although it may not be difficult to extend it.

How to use this module for D7

Since Views 7.x-3.4, there is a "Global: combine field filter" built-in filter in Views, so you may not need this module.

The built-in filter uses the fields added to the view so if you are using a view that doesn't support fields, you need to force it to enable fields, which is a setting in the format's options.

You should know, however, that although the effect will probably be the same, this module does it differently. It actually "populates" the other filters, while the built-in filter concatenate the fields in the query and then fliters it. which may have different performance impacts.

I am unsure if this module will work for situations in which the built-in filter won't. Let me know if it does. If you would like to try this module, please continue reading for instructions on how to use this module.

Please read the instructions for D6 below, the way this module works is almost identical, the only difference being that "Views Or" is not required as that functionality has been include in Views 3.x.

How to use this module for D6

This module needs Views Or, not as a dependency but it's basically useless without it.

Let's assume that you have "First Name", "Second Name" and "Last name" set up as node or user's fields and you'd like to use one expose filter to search on any of those fields.

This module assumes that you have a good experience in Views. and that you know how to properly use the Views Or module. Please, don't ask request on how to create views or use the views_or module.

1. Download and enable this module.

2. Download and enable Views Or.

3. Create a properly OR combination of filters, make sure you don't expose those filters and that you choose the appropriate operators that will be used for the value you will enter on the exposed filter provided by this module.

Views Or: Begin alternatives =
Content: FIrst name
Views Or: Next alternative =
Content: Second name
Views Or: Next alternative =
Content: Last Name
Views Or: End alternatives =

4. Add another filter found on the 'Global' section called 'Populate filters'.

5. Expose it and check the filters which you have previously added that you wish this exposed filter to populate, on our exapmle it's first name, second name and last name.

That should be it.

As a reference, this module was born out of ideas, suggestions and needs discussed in #451000: Apply One Exposed Filter to Multiple Fields.

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