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Filterfield UI

Display exposed filter values as field in your view.


Use this field if you want to pass data from exposed filters as context filters into a view_field. Hide the filterfield from display and use its rendered token in the arguments string for the viewfield.

You can configure the field to render multiple filter values as 1+2+3 to use in an OR query or as 1,2,3 for an AND query. Strings can be convered to uppercase or lowercase if needed.

An empty filter value will be rendered as 'all'.


Extract the module to a modules directory under sites or profiles, then hit your module admin page and enable it. You can find it in the "Views" section.


I needed to run two count queries for each row inside a view that calculates an average. The solution worked, until the count queries needed to inherit exposed filters from the parent view.

With the views_filterfield module I could create the count query as a view and make it easier to manage the context filters from within Drupal.


  • The raw field tokens do not work.
  • You'll end up running quite a few queries. Don't hurt your SQL server.
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