Allows field tables to be used as base tables with Views.

On a field settings form, you may select:

  • to expose the field table as a base table
  • the columns of the field table to expose (e.g., entity_type, entity_id, and delta)

Multiple "exposed" field tables may be related by a multi-column join using the primary key columns. This module provides a programmatic interface to trigger this relation. A user interface is provided by the combination of the Field group and Field group views modules.

One use case is to generate a table using columns from one or more field tables. As the field tables are treated as standard base tables, the Field API handling of the "field" is not invoked. Thus, by default, the raw value in each column of the field table is displayed.

By relating field tables, the individual columns of each table function as if they were part of a single table.

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