This Views Custom Conditions module facilitates the site administrator to inject custom conditions into a views query. ‘Views’ is a powerful and highly flexible module that provides website builders with critical list making abilities. It generates a dynamic SQL query according to views construction for displaying data. So, adding a one more step to filter your data as per your requirement, this module will really be helpful.

This module adds the condition specified by the site admin to any views where clause with the existing conditions implemented by views itself in conjunction with AND operator.


  • More customization of queries.
  • No need to implement hooks to inject custom conditions, users can do it in views.
  • Easy to implement multiple condition.

How it works

  • Download and copy module in modules folder.
  • Install the module.
  • It will generate(Views Custom Conditions) field in views Advance settings.
  • Fill suggestion in this field for adding new conditions for respective table, fields, desired matching value (it should be multiple) & conditions like IN, OR, AND. Follow hint section under this field. These items should be exists under existing views build query. You can get help from query printed under views.
  • This will inject the conditions in where clause of the views query.
  • Save the view for permanent changes.
  • It will be workable for a single view. If any views having multiple views then these settings will applicable for all views.

Please follow the instructions in the README.txt files carefully.

Sponsored By : OSSCube
Developers : Bhupendra Singh, Nirbhav24, Rajesh Saini

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