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This module implements Views API on behalf of all panel panes. (ctools content-types). This let's you reuse your panel-panes as fields in views!

It also works with contexts, so node, term and user context panes also work.

A big advantage to this is if you do custom development. All you need to do is create a ctools-content-type once and you can use it both in panels *and* in views.

This module also supports EntityFieldQuery Views, so you can use your panel-panes in displaying views using MongoDB.

The one caveat to this module is that content-types that use the ctools form wizard don't work. As views continues to be developed and gets better integration with ctools, this issue is expended to go away (eventually).

This module exists thanks to the generous support of HighWire Press and Stanford University

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Development, Support, Maintenance
Development, Support, Maintenance
Development, Support, Maintenance

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