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Provides a "charts" style output for Views module so you can render result-set not just as text (list, tabular) but as pie-chart, bar-chart, scatter-plot etc.

DC DrupalCon '09 Presentation


Suggested modules

  • For Drupal 6 you will need the Views GroupBy: if you want to chart anything actually useful. Views 3 for Drupal 7 has grouping built in.


Views Charts has basic usage instructions available as Advanced Help pages. Please install and enable it to see the available help.

Please report any problems at the projects issue queue.


The Drupal 7 version is sponsored by UNICEF Uganda for the Devtrac Project.
rsevero's co-maintainership was sponsored by Fábrica de Ideias.

Supporting organizations: 
Sponsored the Drupal 6 version
maintains this module

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