I have a product with 3 SKU's. Each SKU has been added as a Term under the Taxonomy called "Feature Availability". For example

  • Widget Silver Edition (Taxonomy Term 1)
  • Widget Gold Edition (Taxonomy Term 2)
  • Widget Platinum Edition (Taxonomy Term 3)

The widgets can be described with "Features" of which I've created a content type and a node for each. For example.

  • Feature A (node 1)
  • Feature B (node 2)
  • Feature C (node 3)

Each feature is available on a per-SKU basis. My goal is to create a table using views that looks something like this...

Feature Comparison Table Example

Does anyone know of an example or have any ideas that will allow me to create this comparison table using views? What I've tried doing is creating a view for the Content Type "Features". Then I have a table format and I also add in the "Feature Availability" Taxonomy Vocabulary field into the field list. The problem is that the Feature Availability field will display the list of Terms for each Node and won't put each Term into it's own column. I think that I have to somehow reference the Taxonomy Vocabulary so that I can bring in each individual term (silver, gold, platinum) as a field instead of bringing in the entire vocabulary.
But I can't figure that out. Are there any articles around to help me do this?

Thank you for any help you may be able to provide.


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Title: How to Create a Feature Comparison Table using Drupal, Views, and Taxonomy? » How to Create a Feature Comparison Table Using Drupal, Views, and Taxonomy?
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I'm working on a similar feature right now. I'm still researching/testing the best way to handle this for my specific use case, but here is what I have so far.

I'm using the following modules
- field collections
- field collection table formatter

My content type includes the following fields:
- Title
- Body
- A field collection of "Features". (I have this set to unlimited so the user can add as many rows to the table as they like.)

NOTE: if you haven't worked with field collections before... you have to add the field collection to the content type first. Once you save it there you'll find the actual field collection at admin/structure/field-collections. You manage field collections in a similar manner as managing content types.

The field collection includes:

- Row Title
- Feature 1 - Boolean (Yes/No)
- Feature 2 - Boolean (Yes/No)
- Feature 3 - Boolean (Yes/No)
- Feature 4 - Boolean (Yes/No)

Now, back in the Content Type's "Manage Display" settings I set the format to " Table of field collection items".

Click save and view your content. I'll be formatted into a basic table. Hope that helps

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Hi guys.

I checked and really #2 makes sense. Can help in your case @JayShoe

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Thank you for help @joshcfischer


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