Hi, is there a way I can provide a custom action for all text type fields? I'd like to add in an action which runs the fields value through some string functions much like "trim whitespace". I can't find anything on others attempting this and it doesn't seem clear cut from the code as the rewrite stuff lives in the fairly low level field handler class. Thanks!


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You can achieve this by using your views.tpl.php file. from your view's "Advanced >> Other >> Theme"


In your view settings, you can find Theme: Information in group Advanced and you have to add Content: Type in your Fields group.

In your views-view-fields--xxx--xxx.tpl.php file write something like:

if ($fields['type']->content == 'Page') {
  // print title linking to node
  print $fields['title']->content;


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Hi guys, how are you? Good morning.

I tested the example in #1 of @saurabh.dhariwal and really works good.

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@heylookalive, you can use this example for it.

You can use tpl for it.

Any question you can comment here for us okay?

Thank you very much @saurabh.dhariwal for your contribution.

Good Work.


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