I have a content type called Car_part that has a taxonomy reference to Car_model that has a taxonomy reference to Car_brand.

Everything works nicely on the content edit and display side.

However, I now need to build a filtering (searching) form on top of that setup.

On the filter form, user would start by selecting Car_brand. Then the Model list for that brand would be displayed. And after selecting a Car_model - the Car_parts get listed.

Is this doable at all with Views? Are Views Exposed Filters any good for this kind of conditional filtering?

Or maybe there are better solutions out there to build that kind of filtering form? Or maybe my setup (having car brands and car models in taxonomies) is not ideal for this kind of filter? I can basically still change the setup if needed.

Any tips or advice is appreciated, thanks,


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Look up views dependent filters, or try the hierarchical_select module

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Hi guys,

I tested Hierarchical Select and really works.

It's works good.

P.s. Just caution and attention because this project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

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Thank you for help @mengi

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