I have created a custom view page which shows all of content-A with a particular taxonomy tag. My custom view replaces the default taxonomy generated view of this content.

I would to display a block on my custom view page (showing all content-A) which shows all of content-B, content that shares the same taxonomy tag. However, when I set up the contextual filers on this second view to generate the block, I cannot retrive the the taxonomy ID from the URL of the custom view page in order so that the block will only show content-B which shares the same taxonomy tag.

Hope that explains it clearly...

Any ideas?



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Can anyone help me out on this one?

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Select your taxonomy field in view contextual filter and set below value.

Select option "provide default value" which list following options.

Type : Raw value from URL
Path Component : argument number from your url

Find this option "When the filter value IS in the URL or a default is provided"

Checked - Specify validation criteria which list following options.
Validator : Taxonomy term
Filter value type : Term name converted to Term ID

Hope this helps.


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Hi guys.

Example of @harsh-bhatt really makes sense.

Works good.

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@drupalreggie, use this example for it okay?!

Any question please comment.


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