I am trying to change the 'Grouping Field' of a view dynamically, depending on which exposed sort the user selects.

It seems that in past times the grouping was accessible via the following in the template.php file:

function MYTHEME_views_pre_build(&$view) {
      $view->display_handler->options['style_options']['grouping'] = $foo;    

However, this no longer appears to be the case and I cannot figure out what it has been replaced with.

Anyone have any ideas or alternatives of how I can accomplish this? Any help is greatly appreciated.


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MODULE_views_pre_view(&$view) {

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Thanks @dblais - Unfortunately I do not have a way to test this right away, but I'm glad you had an answer for me for the next round!

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Hi people, how are you?

I tested and really is possible make it using hook.

Thanks for help @dblais

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