Is it possible to use "regular" tokens in a views global custom text field? Could it be? I am trying to use something like [site-name] - I know I can use the "replacement patterns" from other fields in my view but I also want to use other tokens.


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Yes, if you're using a 'Global: Text area' with a text format that has the token filter enabled for it, then it should replace tokens just fine.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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But how do you get Global: Text Area in the fields section? I can add a "Global: Text Area" field in the Header section of a view, and it provides the Text Filter option which substitutes tokens just fine. But in the row Fields section I have only the option of "Global: Custom Text" fields, which do not have the Text Filter option and therefore can't utilize the token filter.


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I'm with you cluther on this. I find it hard to believe this hasn't been resolved yet. Is this allowed in D8?

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I've used 'Display Suite' for dealing with this in the past. Within Display Suites' supported modules, you can created a coded field and then use tokens within the coded field to get the desired result within the list of fields for a view.

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Thanks jjmackow! That was actually next on my list of ways to try and get this to work.

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I think moving this to Views might get some more eyes on this...and reopening it.

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It would also be great if it is possible to use tokens on "Title > Title"

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I can confirm that, as described in #4 this is a bit inconsistent and there are some cases when it would definitely be helpful to have that option. Does someone know a contrib module for that until it might be in views core one day?

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This would be a really great feature!

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Someone used the Advanced Text Formatter for this purpose..

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But it would be great if it is possible to have included in Views-module, right?