Viewport device width calcuation overlaying content

This implements the FitWeird JavaScript in an easy to use overlay for calculating your browser's viewport/screen size in pixels and ems.

Description from the project site:

FitWeird helps you add breakpoints when things get weird. It's about as dumb as it gets. Resize your window, it tells you dimensions in PX and EM.

This module uses the JavaScript from the bookmarklet but displays it in the browser at all times. This allows you to view the calculation using any browser on any device. No need for a bookmarklet anymore as the numbers are always visible to those who have proper permissions to view them.

Installation directions:

  1. Download and install the module as normal
  2. Configure permissions to allow access to viewing calculations.

JavaScript created by Dave Rupert
Original implementation for use as a bookmarklet

This project is sponsored by Magner Sanborn.

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