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Views Migration helps existing Drupal 7 views objects to transform into compatible YAML configuration files for import in Drupal 8 instance.

Why Views Migration required?

Assume you have migrated your website from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 using Core Migration tools, as it does not support views migration directly, we need a tool that helps to migrate views from existing Drupal version 7 to Drupal version 8.

Views Migration module provides YAML configuration files equivalent to Drupal 7 view objects that you can use to import into your Drupal 8 instance.

Steps for Using Views Migration Module

  • Download and install the module into your existing Drupal 7 site
  • Go to configuration to generate YAML files
  • Enter your destination folder path where YAML files will be kept
  • Collect YAML files and import it into Drupal 8 version

Steps to Import YAML Configuration Files to Drupal 8

  • Go to site configuration page on Drupal 8 site
  • Click on Configuration Synchronization where YAML file will be imported
  • Copy content of exported YAML file and paste it into Single Item import configuration text area field.
  • Click on import button will generate view on Drupal 8 site
  • Repeat above steps for each exported YAML file

Known Issues
Using Drush command to import YAML files required fix.

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