Video Kit 1.x for Drupal 7.x
Get started building with Video module fast.

In addition to the standard Drupal requirements you will need the following to
make use of Build Kit:

- drush 3.1 -
- drush make 2.0 beta 9 -
- git -

Getting started
Video Kit for 7.x requies several patches to be applied to Drupal core. It
provides a `distro.make` file for building a full Drupal distro including core
patches as well as a copy of the `videokit` install profile.

1. Grab the `distro.make` file from Video Kit and run:

$ drush make distro.make [directory]

or use its url on directly:

$ drush make "" [directory]
If above failed then you can try.
env GIT_SSL_NO_VERIFY=true drush make xxx ...
2. Choose the "Video Kit" install profile when installing Drupal

- Heshan Wanigasooriya (

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