Sorry to bother you guys again. But when I click on manage view modes I don't see the view modes for nodes, any idea where to manage those?
I can add new ones just fine but I'm unable to edit them if needed.


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You will need to enable them as you can see at the following image:
Manage display dev varbase4c

We do have the VMI view mode inventory module

This module provides a set of template content "View Modes" that are typically used (some of them) in each website.

View Modes Inventory

Available View Modes and Its Layouts:

Vertical media

  • Vertical media teaser - xlarge.
  • Vertical media teaser - large.
  • Vertical media teaser - medium.
  • Vertical media teaser - small.
  • Vertical media teaser - xsmall.

Horizontal media

  • Horizontal media teaser - xlarge.
  • Horizontal media teaser - large.
  • Horizontal media teaser - medium.
  • Horizontal media teaser - small.
  • Horizontal media teaser - xsmall.

Text teaser

  • Text teaser - large.
  • Text teaser - medium.
  • Text teaser - small.


  • Tout - xlarge.
  • Tout - large.
  • Tout - medium.


  • Hero xlarge.


  • Bootstrap theme or a sub theme.
  • Display Suite module.
  • Display Suite Extras module.
  • Field Group module.
  • Smart Trim module.

Site Builder Use Scenario:

To make use of this module, you can follow the following use case scenario:

  • Given that the "View Modes Inventory (VMI)" module is enabled
  • And you have a "Content type" to utilize the view modes available from VMI
  • And the "Content type" has a "Title field"
  • And a "Body field"
  • And an "Image field"
  • When you go to "Manage display" under the Default view mode admin/structure/types/manage/[CONTENT_TYPE_NAME]/display
  • And you click on "Custom display settings" tab link
  • You will see the list of ready View Modes Inventory (VMI)
  • When you select the View Modes you need for the Content type and save
  • You will see the list of enabled View Modes auto mapped with their layout

If you try the

Varbase VMI demo

Have a demo work for how to use view modes inventory in Varbase.
If you add some content you could be able to see some examples.

vmi vertical media teaser demo
vmi horizontal media teaser demo
vmi tout demo
vmi text teaser demo
view modes inventory hero
vmi text teaser demo

Varbase Story Demo

This a Demo feature to test and see how we can use Varbase Media Entity Browsers, and Provides Story content type and related configuration.

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Status: Active » Fixed
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Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)