This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Universal Widget API (UWA) is a widget framework developed by Netvibes, mainly to integrate widgets to their platform, but compatible with other platforms such as iGoogle, Windows Vista, Mac OS X, etc. And now Drupal !

This module provides an interface to register in Drupal existing UWA widgets (using their URL), and then renders them as Drupal blocks. It is also able to store users preferences, and determine which users and which widgets are authorized to save preferences.

UWA Widgets server module allows to manage a centralized "widgets library" on a server, and make it available to any Drupal using UWA Widgets client module. Any widget added in the library will be available to all client instances, making it easy to manage a pool of websites using the same UWA resources.

Due to UWA's limitations, old widgets' password fields are stored in database unencrypted, and also sent as is in the HTML page (though passwords are processed by a very simple obfuscation function), so please be careful when using old authenticated widgets with this module.



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