This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.


User Recording module lets you record what your website visitors are doing on the website in form of mouse movement, clicking, typing and scrolling. It's a simple version of functionality similiar to services like or Crazy Egg.

It's meant to be used to get a knowledge about how your visitor percieves your website. So what it does is track your visitors mouse movements, clicks, typing and scrolling. With that data you can playback any session of any visitor.

Since it's using Drupals built in SQL-database, rather then big data, it probably won't handle tracking every visitor on a well-visited website. But it's not meant for that. It's meant to give you an idea of how you can improve your website for better conversion, not peep on every user.

It has settings for filtering which visitors should be tracked or not and also for setting ratios on how many of the visitors that should be tracked. So you could for instance set that 1 out of every 20 visitors should be tracked or that only people from Norway should be tracked or only Authenticates Users and so on.

The module completely works with Javascript and POST requests, so it will work with heavy caching modules like Boost.



The module requires no other module, but if you have the GeoIP API module it will show country information to you as well as give you the option to filter on country.

Known Problems

The module might not work with newer versions of jQuery which you get from jQuery update. We will test this and do a workaround if possible.

Regarding the javascript fluidity it has been tested on a Asus EEE PC, and that handles it ok, so hopefully it should work on most modern PC's.

Important about Privacy

The module by default does not save any kind of data that can pinpoint an user. This is not only done from moral point of view, but also legal. In some countries like for instance Germany it's actually not allowed to track a user and save that data connected to the IP address before asking them. No matter how you write your privacy policy.

There is a setting so you can turn on to save both IP address and even an authenticated users id, but this should only be done when your tracking people that are fully aware and thas has accepted that you track them - for instance a pre-selected test group.


The module was sponsored by Podnix Cloud Hosting.

More information about the module can be found on The DrupalDare about user recording


So as you will see I know my way around PHP/Javascript, but the playback is pretty ugly. If someone wants to contribute images and css for the playback I would be :).

Data mining

These modules does not do the same thing as User Recorder, but since I looked into modules for datamining/traffic/analytics, I'll paste them here so you know what to start with:
Google Analytics - For tracking via Google Analytics
Visitors - If you want to do your own tracking.
Visitor Path - Similiar to visitor.

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