The User Points Top Contributors module works with the User Points module to create blocks and pages that list the maximum points earned by contributors.

The module does the following:

  • Creates a block and page that shows the community's Top Contributors.
  • Creates a block and page that shows the community's Top Contributors in a defined period (like this week).
  • Adds details links to the Top Contributors list so User Points Admins can quickly access a user's point details.
  • Modifies the user profile page to show a user's current point balance and their lifetime point balance.
  • Adds links to a user's profile page (for User Points Admins) so they can see a user's details or manage their point totals.

See the module in action at these sites:

Tech Notes:
The 5.x release of this module is compatible with v5.3 of User Points.

Top Contributors creates its own userpoints_top_contributors table. Your legacy User Points data (stored in the userpoints and userpoints_txn tables is not changed by this module. The userpoints_top_contributors table is populated using transaction data stored in the userpoints_txn table. (Read: if you try this module and don't like it, nothing is lost or damaged by removing it.)

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