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Works on my machine, it just may work on yours too.
Now with actual documentation at thanks to peterx.

Custom Publishing Options 6.x-1.2
If using this version of the module or higher, please use 6.x-dev or it won't work

Now integrates with the Custom Publishing ( module. 1.6 has the latest and greatest.

This is a module that creates an interface for admins to make users pay in userpoints for performing certain actions on a node, namely publishing, stickying, and promoting to the front page. Admins can make it such that users have to pay a certain amount of points to publish, sticky, or promote a node of a certain type and what category the points are from. This module works great with the Override Node Options module ( to allow more role-specific permissions for setting these options.

Many thanks to the Node Expire ( module for a basic interface to use.

Installing this module is as simple as enabling it in the modules list and creating rules for it. The settings should be under site configuration, then labeled as "!Points Node Action" (will change names based on what you've set your userpoints to be labeled as).

The development of this module was sponsored entirely by Mindgrub Technologies LLC.

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