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User Quota Alteration Screen

User Quota provides a system of limiting users to create a certain number of nodes of a certain type. The framework keeps track of the history where users may have gained (or lost) a specific limit. If a user does not have a quota for a content type then they can create as many of that item as they want (as long as their roles allow it).

The original motivation for the module was an e-commerce site where users can purchase a "shop" and purchase the ability to create certain numbers of "products" within their shop.

You Need User Quota If

  • You want to limit specific users to create a certain number of nodes of specific types.
  • You want to sell creation of nodes like a node for advertising or classifieds or real estate listings and limit them per-user, per-content type

Quotas can be set manually (see screenshot at right) or via this simple API:

userquota_set_user_quota($uid, $limit, $type);

Module History

This project was originally built around a module for Drupal 4.7 by dmuth. That module was no longer maintained and there are several other node limiting modules which can be used instead. If you used this module for 4.7 and are looking for a 5.x version, see the list of similar modules.

Module Credit

Built by Growing Venture Solutions to support the newly launched Lollishops (now defunct).

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