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With User Popup Info module (, or UPI in short), you can see a mini profile view of a user when mouse is hovered over his/her profile link anywhere on the website. The effect is similar to what you get when you hover mouse over your friend's name on social networking sites like facebook, linkedin, etc.

Branch 7.x-1.x

  • This is the basic version of this module that gives basic functionality.
  • On mini profile popup, you will see user's name, user's status, user's member since time, and user's picture or a default picture.
  • You also get a feature where you can ignore certain links on which this module should not operate.

Branch 7.x-2.x
This is a branch with extended features :

  • new configuration settings
  • admin has the power to control user information fields in popup
  • admin has the power to theme user popup
  • enable/disable default user info fields that are shipped with the module
  • included other user default paths that are not of importance to this module
  • changes to README.txt
  • minor adjustments and bug fixes

This module requires jQuery version 1.5 to work properly and give you the best. It is therefore, dependent on jQuery Update module. After downloading and enabling jQuery Update module, go to its configuration page at /admin/config/development/jquery_update and set Default jQuery Version to 1.5(recommended version).

The future releases of this module will provide :
- integration with Profile2 module

Troubleshooting tips

  • If you find the module is not working after installation, please see that you use jQuery version 1.5 (recommended). It can be changed via jQuery Update settings as mentioned above.
  • This module works well with Clean URLs enabled, if you don't have clean URL, then change the URLs in module configuation to match the site URLs.

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