This module allows an administrator to define a date on which to expire a specific user account or to define a period at a role level where inactive accounts will be locked.

You need this module if:

  • A user (such as contractors or short-term employee) are only active for a set period of time until their Drupal account should be disabled.
  • You want to lock accounts if a user is inactive for a period of days, like 90 days. (e.g. for PCI Compliance)
  • You want to give someone access to a site for a brief period to test it out and then revoke their access after a specific number of days

This module currently has automated tests for all of the key features. The code meets the Drupal coding standards. There is a stable release, so you can be confident that any security issues will be handled by the security advisory process.

Recommended modules

If a site has Date popup enabled, this module will use that as the date picker for the expiration date. Date popup is part of the Date module.

Similar modules

  • Role expire - for expiring (removing) a role from a user after a set period.
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