This module allows users to unpublish content using a url placed anywhere in a Drupal site

Basically all you have to do the following:

To unpublish a node whose nid is 15 use the following code:

<a href="<?php print base_path().'url_unpublish/15';?>">Unpublish Node</a>

You will be redirected to an unpublish confirmation page, and once you click unpublish the node will be unpublished

You can use the code in your views, blocks or any part of the site

To unpublish nodes without leaving the current page do the following:

  • Install the Popups module
  • Add content selector to your theme correctly as explained in the Popups module readme file
  • Add the "popups-form" class you your url
<a href="<?php print base_path().'url_unpublish/15';?>" class="popups-form">Unpublish Node</a>

Your nodes will be unpublished and the page automatically updated using ajax without refreshing the page

This module was developed and sponsored by JesoX

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