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Uploaded-Files-Mover moves uploaded files to user-defined directories.

When uploading files with the FileField (CCK) or Upload (Core) module, Uploaded-Files-Mover will kick in and move the files to the specified directory. The paths can be set for each content type and may contain placeholders (Token support planned).
Fields and uploads can be enabled separately.

A cleanup routine will clean the filesystem from empty directories. This can be started manually or by running cron.
After changing path settings, the files can be moved to their new directories using a batch process.

Errors are tracked in the watchdog.

Current development release needs testing, but is considered stable.


  • Moves files uploaded with Filefield (ImageField) or Core's Upload module to directories specified with placeholders
  • Destination directory per content type and field
  • Move files in batch process after changing destination directories
  • Cleanup and restructuring as cron task
  • Error tracking in the watchdog

Alternative modules

FileField Paths
Pros: Uses Token and Transliteration. Supports restructuring after rule change to a certain point. Supports Core's Upload module.
Cons: When using Token file is moved to a temporary directory and from there it is moved to its destination directory. No cron cleanup task.

Upload path
Pros: Uses Token. Supports a global default upload directory pattern.
Cons: No cron cleanup task. No support for CCK FileFields. No batch restructuring (?).

Tasks / TODO

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