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This is a CCK field which enables you to operate on the data of the update_feed_api and and the modules provided there using autocompletition and so forth.

This cck field is e.g. used to implement drush make files as nodes in drush_make_ui

  • Compundded CCK Field saving server_key, short_name, api_version, revision as structured database
  • using autocomplete to select module ( using the autocomplete_element module ) with conditional autocompletes
  • revisions of a module ar fetched “lazy” on demand
  • views support
Installation / Usage
  1. Just activate the module and the deps.
    1. Dont forget to install the patched autcomplete_element module from :

Just a source of projects / releases. Its used to ask questions like "what projects are or that server and what releases do i have"

A cck field which has all fields to add packages based on the data fo update_feed_api. That field has an formatter to later be exported as entried os a make file. Generally you can add this cck field to every content_type

Adds a view which actually can generate a complete make file with all needed fields, included core, version and allo this. Deeply basedon the modules before, just adds:
- a content type where update_feed_cck is a cck field (drush make file )
- that content type has some additional meta fields like "extra"

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