unique field ajax

Yet another but more light-weight and optionally more client-side field input check module for site builders to set up fields being checked if the user input is unique by bundle and language supporting customized error messages and optional Ajax form check for every instance separately.

Installation and configuration

Install the module like any other module depending on your project setup via admin UI, via Drush or via Composer. The settings for the behaviour can be changed for every field seperately in the field settings form.

If correctly installed, enable the "unique" checkbox in the field settings form for the field where you need to make sure the input needs to be unique.

Additionally, if you want it to make it work per language, enable the per_lang checkbox. If you want to check via Ajax from input check on change event, then enable the use ajax checkbox.

Finally there is a text field providing a default error message which can be changed for your needs for any field instance separately.

Related or similar modules

Unique field

The Unique field input check works on node entity fields, the user entity fields and the term entity fields. In comparision, the Unique field ajax module works on the field entity itself and implements and Ajax check callback for the input being unique per language.

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