A helper for using Ultimate Cron on (some of) your Aegir hosted sites

Aegir hostmaster 6.x-1.x is only compatible with Drush 4.5 and 4.6.

With Drush 4.x it is not possible for Ultimate Cron to hook itself into the drush cron command in a way that will give you the full benefit of using Ultimate Cron.

Since Aegirs cron handling executes drush cron you will not get the full benefit if one or more of your Aegir hosted sites is using Ultimate Cron.

This Drush extension provides you with a new Drush command for executing drush cron or drush cron-run (whatever is appropriate for each site) for each of your Aegir hosted sites.

You will need to disable Cron queues in Aegir at admin/hosting/queues.

Install the extension in ~aegir/.drush/ultimate_cron_aegir.

Then add two new cronjobs for the aegir user (e.g. crontab -u aegir -e) executing the new Drush command - something along this:

0 * * * * drush @hostmaster --quiet uca-cron-run --skip-ultimate-cron
* * * * * drush @hostmaster --quiet uca-cron-run --skip-core-cron

This will executed standard Drupal core cron on Aegir hosted sites without Ultimate Cron once every hour and execute Ultimate Crons cron handling on Aegir hosted sites with Ultimate Cron enabled every minute.

Notice: There used to be a 7.x-1.0/7.x-1.x release. But that didn't really make sense since it is supposed to work with Aegir hostmaster version 6.x-1.x. The 6.x-1.0 and 7.x-1.0 versions of Ultimate Cron Aegir are identical.

Notice 2: As of January 2017 the maintainer no longer maintains an Aegir installation. The project is only minimally maintained.

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