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Ulink6 screenshot

Several changes were made on ulink, hence is released under a different name ulink6 to emphasis its port to Drupal6.

Objective statement from Ulink
A package of modules to restructure the link filtering thus implement the auto-completion of links through AJAX.

The project, when all the options are selected, will enable the user to complete the links dynamically, with the use of the background architecture it will be done in a structured way, thus further extensions and configurations for personal preferences will be made effortless.

Changes are notably

1. To reduce the complexity there are only four types of targets: node (encompasses node and comment), user, intern (any internal asset as fileobject), extern (any external asset as URL)
2. User need not worry about choosing between remembering the results locally or on server. Everything is cached as much as possible (in client and server) to make things work fast
3. Imagecache support is removed mainly due to the delay in porting imagecache module to drupal6, and in favor of Image module, for which inherent support is provided through image addon(extending intern)
4. Complex UI (although beautiful) is removed and autocomplete like popup list is provided, thus following drupal customs
5. Key board navigation / control is available in UI

For urgent support / bug fixes / customization contact me at
admin AT theebgar DOT net

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