The whole point of using the Uikitty Starter theme is for fast setup of a custom Uikitty sub theme of your own design, making available all the features of Uikitty/Uikit without any assumption of design. For this reason, you will want to modify the theme directory and file names from "uikitty_starter" to "your_theme_name". You will probably want to create your own regions by adding them to the *.info.yml file and then using them in your twig templates placing them wherever you like.

Turning on features like slideshow, accordion and parallax require a simple inclusion of a library component using the twig syntax. {{ attach_library('uikitty/accordion') }} This applies to all non-core components individually and makes it so that only the relevant js/css will be loaded for any given page. Check out the components pages on Uikitty for more info and examples for how each component works.

Core components are included by default(in uikitty/uikit) and have most of the common everyday functions you use like buttons, icons, dropdown navigation, navbar, scrollspy(awesome feature), off-canvas menu and more. See core components on Uikitty.

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